Are my pets covered by my car insurance policy?

We love our pets

We all love our pets and the idea of it not being covered by your car insurance policy is quite disturbing. We know how expensive pet treatment and care are in this world and if they are not part of the recipients of your auto insurance policy then you should think twice in bringing them with you in your leisure and business trips.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Pets will not be part of your general auto insurance coverage. For it to be included, it is important that you purchase a personal injury protection insurance coverage because it extends to all of your properties, including your pet. Do not try to argue with the insurance agent for classifying your pet as a property rather than a family member, because that is how insurance providers classify them. It is better if you will look for a perfect auto insurance deal with affordable premiums that includes this coverage, so you can still confidently bring your pets during your travel tips.

The best way to learn if pets are part of your existing auto insurance policies is to directly ask it from your provider. They will inform you if you need to purchase additional packages from them for this request, otherwise you may have to gamble their safety every time you bring them with you