Redlining in the auto insurance industry


If you are a low-income individual with poor credit scores or no credit scores at all, then there is a higher chance that your application with the insurance company for auto insurance policies would be declined. The insurance agent will not tell you upfront that it is because of your low-income rate, but it is most probably the reason behind your rejection.

The law states that insurance companies cannot decline anyone who wishes to have a car insurance policy, especially when it comes to the poor members of society. How do they reject you? They will offer a grossly overpriced insurance that is enough to dismay you. As a result, you are the one who will reject the offer.

Up to the present, car insurance companies will claim that redlining does not exist. They will argue that the rate of their policies is not influenced by the annual income of the individual. Moreover, they will insist that higher rates charged to poor people are strictly coincidental.

There is no need to frown upon this discovery because not all insurance articles follow these unjust schemes. You are free to use free online insurance quotes to find the best deals that will be perfect for your needs without experiencing income discrimination. It does not use your income rate in the calculation of your possible premium rate; rather it determines the value of your policy based on relevant driving factors.

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