Top three commonly asked questions about auto insurance

We have listed three of the most commonly asked questions inquired by customers concerning auto insurance. Read the list and be informed on how to choose the best auto insurance policy for your needs.

What should I do if I intend to switch car insurance company?

You are at liberty to change your car insurance provider anytime within the year, but to guarantee you won’t need to pay any penalty then you have to do this within thirty (30) days after your receipt of new invoice for the renewal of your policy. If you choose to make the switch beyond this time limit, then you may be deemed liable by the insurance provider to pay the declared penalty in your policy.

How Do I Process My Auto Insurance Claims?

The processing of auto insurance claims is typically completed within 15 days; however, you should be sure to present all the required details of the insurance provider which includes the vehicle, the driver, and the accident information. Expect a fair evaluation of your request, but if you are not satisfied then you can file your case in court with the assistance of a certified attorney.

How Much Will I Get from My Car Insurance Policy?

The maximum amount that you will receive rests on the limits of the policy coverage you have purchased. It is common for insurance companies to do a thorough investigation of the incident to guarantee appropriate assignment of responsibility concerning the vehicular accident.

Any additional inquiries about a particular car insurance policy can be directed with your insurance provider. It is always wiser to keep their contact details handy because it is hard to tell when you will need their assistance.