Teen Drivers

Policy Discounts for Teen Drivers

Even if you are a minor, you can still have affordable car insurance premiums. You just need to be educated on a few policy discounts you can take advantage of. Never act innocent of these discounted offers because some car insurance agents may take advantage of your ignorance on these matters.

Good Student Discounts

If you think that fulfilling your school obligations and responsibilities will reap no other reward than providing you a good spot in college, then you should re-evaluate your principles. Proof that you are a good student is sufficient evidence for many car insurance companies that you will also be a good driver on the road. You will be surprised with how much discount this will bring to your premium. So if you are looking for a good motivation to study hard, it is time you do so because discount rates for students with a minimum rate of B average can go as high as 25% reduction on your premium.

Driver Certification Program

If you realized it too late and you think it would be very much impossible for you to obtain a grade of B, then you could request your mom and dad to help you enroll in a driver certification program. Most insurance companies give credit to these types of initiatives and it will also help you familiarize with all the traffic rules and regulations.

Family Plan Coverage

If your parents have trust and confidence in you, then you may convince them to enroll you in the family plan car insurance coverage. If they do so, then your premium can be reduced to 25 percent. Just think of many ways in which you can convince them to grant you this permission. You may begin by coming home early and limiting your night gimmicks with friends. Be a little sweeter to them and be more responsible with the household chores.

Multi-Line Discounts

This may be far from what you can handle, but if you have saved enough money and intend to purchase your own life and home insurance policies then considering purchasing it from a single insurance company will give you bundle of discounts. These insurance companies would be so happy to cater to all your insurance needs they will try their best to give you the lowest rates. Moreover, it would be very convenient to file for claims because you do not need to remember to many numbers and contact persons for the requested services.

Higher Deductibles

This may be your last option. If all the above discounted rates prove to be insufficient, then you may just request for a higher deductible. It will be a gamble on your part because you will be paying more in case you encounter an accident, but if you were vigilant on the road then there would be a very slim chance it could happen.

Driving your own car is one of the necessities of a budding professional. It is the dream of any teenager. However, if you are not responsible enough it may take you years before you are given permission to legally hold the driver’s wheel. Begin with your studies and it will bring you to higher grounds in the future.


Policy Discounts for Teen Drivers