Can auto insurance claim checks be paid to me rather than the body repair shop?

Minor car damages make it possible for the owner to do the repair on his end, but this would mean not sending the vehicle for repair to a body shop. What will happen to your auto insurance claim?

Those who are aware of the fact that auto insurance claim checks can be paid to your name rather than the repair shop would often submit a repair estimated from two or more body shops to the at-fault-driver and wait for his response. You are at liberty to request that the payment be sent to you rather than the body shop. In this case, you are given freedom on how to spend the money. This is legal. You will never be sued because you have decided to do the repair yourself. You do not have to fear anything, so just proceed with your plans.

Strict Compliance’s

On the contrary, if you are the one paying the collision damages then inspect the policy and see if there is a special provision that states you can only send the vehicle on a particular body repair shop. If so, then it is best to send your vehicle to the preferred repair center because they may conduct an inspection prior to the release of the check.

The Importance of Policies

The move to receive auto insurance claims under your name has obvious benefits. You can use the amount to purchase a new vehicle or you can use it for your education of business plans. However, always refer back to the conditions of your policy to realize if it is something that the insurance provider is willing to provide.