Three major factors affecting insurance premium rates

There are various elements that affect your car insurance premium rate. You may not be aware of this but these are the primary reasons you are paying double or saving more on your premium today.

1. ISO symbols

Insurance Services Offices, Inc. (ISO) is a service company hired by insurance providers to identify the value of a vehicle. The higher the symbol rate of your vehicle then the higher your premium rate will cost because this entails paying higher parts for body repair after an accident.

2. Driving Record

Simply described, driving record entails your risk rate as a driver. It shows how responsible you are on the road. It easily provides them an analysis on the possibility of road accident you may encounter for the year.

3. Insurance Fraud

Insurance frauds like fake helpers, adding unnecessary damage, and staged rear end-car accidents will cause your auto insurance rate to go skyrocket. Insurance companies are wiser; it carefully scans applications to guarantee they will not fall prey to professional car insurance frauds.

Be an honest and responsible driver on the road. This is the major key to pay for a low-cost car insurance policy. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid texting while you drive. Know your alcohol limits and save yourself from future accidents and damages.