Things to avoind when purchasing auto insurance

First time purchase of auto insurance

First time purchase of auto insurance can be overwhelming. You wish to secure that your policy covers the minimum requirement of the state, yet you want to free yourself from future financial worries as well. If you are not properly guided with the elements you have to consider then you may end up buying unnecessary elements in your policy.

Never Purchase upon Receiving the First Quote

  • It is always better to shop around to have more choices. It may mean discussing your interested coverage rate over the phone a couple of times. Nevertheless, just consider this as part of the shopping experience because this is one of the ways you can shop for affordable policies.

Never Get Scammed by Your Insurance Agent

  • You may think it is best to stay with your current carrier because you have been with them for several years. That is probably true, but if your policy just keeps on increasing each year then there is a possibility your insurance agent is not honestly providing you with the discounts you can take advantage. Contact your car insurance provider and request for a free review of your policy as well as possible discounts they can provide to you because you are one of their loyal customers.

Never File the Small Claims

  • Your auto insurance provider may have strictly reminded you that you need to file all of the damages incurred by your vehicle. This is true but if the repair estimate is small then do not risk having this listed on your record because it is certain to affect your premium rate in the future.