You were responsible to purchase a car insurance policy according to the requirements of the State. However, the party responsible failed to do so. He has no car insurance coverage, what will happen next?

Remain Calm

Do not loose your cool. It would seem natural if you start shouting back at him for being a very irresponsible driver on the road, but it will do you no good. It would not help you with your auto insurance claims. Instead, remain focus and gather authenticated identification details. After he provides his name and contact details, ask for names of individual who can attest the information he has provided is indeed true.

Present Details to the Car Insurance Provider

After gathering the relevant evidence and information, claim for damages through your own insurance company. It may file joint complaints against the uninsured and if you follow the above-mentioned recommendation; then it is very much possible the court will favor your case. Ultimately, the uninsured shoulders all of the costs incurred through the accident.


Do not drive without a car insurance policy. If you are yet to find affordable auto insurance then it is important you do it at the quickest time possible because this can be your only passes to walk conveniently away from a road accident.