The deadliest days to go on the road!

No one can really tell when an accident will happen on the road, but if you will base this on statistics then you should be cautious when driving down the road during these specific holidays.

Thanksgiving Season

Blame it to the festivities of the period, but Thanksgiving Season is one of the dates with the highest record of death rates due to a road accidents. If you drank considerable huge amount of alcohol then have the self-discipline to sleep-off its effect before you start holding the driver’s wheel for a travel.

Labor Day

It recorded a fatality of 403 deaths, 36 % of which are related to the influence of alcohol while driving. You may not be the one responsible for the automobile crash but realizing this three-day period is not the ideal time to stay long on the road, you may wish to stay at home rather than drive on the streets.

Memorial Day

The seniors may be having a great time that they forget the risk of driving with too much fun inside their head and belly. Try your best to warn them to be very careful when driving on the road. If possible, consider becoming their chauffeur for this period. They will appreciate it and it will ease your mind from road accident worries.

Protect your life and those on the road. Secure your car insurance policy rate. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.