The best types of cars to purchase for cheaper premium rates

Undecided on which type of car you should give your child after he reaches the age of maturity? Why not choose these types of cars for him to gain a cheaper premium rate?

Dodge Grand Caravan

Your child will love you for buying him this car. He can get an average insurance premium using this car for approximately $690. It is not too stylish, but enough to transport him where he wishes to go.

Chevrolet Impala

Stylish and chic, this car will probably cause him to spend $959 on his premium but he will certainly enjoy driving it on the road. It is convenient, practical, and very pleasing style that even his friends will adore.

Honda Accord

Although more expensive, this two-door coupe with bring much delight to your daughter. It is the fusion of high technology and high quality vehicle without requiring you to spend too much on her car insurance policy.

Smart Fortwo

You may think twice in purchasing this car, but it is exceptionally loved by many drivers because of its fuel economy. It is perfect for those who regularly drive on the street and has an amazing low cost average insurance premium of only $881.

Kia Sportage

For only $840, this KIA vehicle is one of the cars with the lowest insurance premium rate. It has several set of safety features and excellent versatility, which is perfect for young drivers on the road.

We have listed your choices for auto insurance friendly vehicles. It is now time for you to decide which of these you will go ahead and purchase for your child.