The advantage of personal injury protection car insurance policies

The minimum state requirement for auto insurance policy may not include the need to purchase personal injury protection, but if you wish absolute financial assistance when faced with an automobile accident; then it is the perfect coverage to choose.

What is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal Injury Protection or No-Fault Coverage is the policy, which allows payment of medical expenses for both the driver and the passengers involved in the accident regardless of who is at fault. It also includes lost wages up to a certain limit of time, but the financial compensation due to pain and suffering is not covered.

Alternative Options

If you fail to realize the importance of this policy and is already facing the need to pay for your medical bills, then the other option you may use is the letter of protection. It serves as a guarantee presented to the hospital, which is prepared by your lawyer, that you will pay all the bills immediately after receipt of the settlement fund. Unfortunately, all doctors do not generally accept this.

Shop wisely when choosing your car insurance policy. Measure the risks of driving on the road. Be secured and protected. Ask for additional information from your chosen insurance provider before signing the car insurance policy.