Should I include all family members in my car insurance policy?

Unless all of your family members are licensed to drive a vehicle, then it is not necessary for you to include all of them in your car insurance policy. At times, it may even be unfavorable, especially if one of your teens have too many demerits because he or she may be the cause for you to suffer from higher premium rates. Moreover, auto insurance providers may not consider him or her liable to become part of the packaged policy you intend to purchase because he is a high-risk driver.

Multi-Car Insurance

If you are blessed with several vehicles to drive, then it would do you better if you will choose a multi-car insurance. This guarantees all of the cars will be insured without the need to process too much paperwork. Moreover, the insurance provider may find it worthy to provide you a few helpful discounts.

Single-Car Insurance

This is the opposite of multi-car insurance policies. You only have a single vehicle, but multiple drivers will be allowed to use it. It is more complicated because you will not be the sole individual responsible if it encounters an accident along the road. This type of policy is one of the reasons why premium rates increase, so it is best to reconsider other options rather than choosing this as your alternative choice.

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