Should I add my child to my auto insurance policy?

All drivers are required to carry an auto insurance policy, including teen drivers; however, the premium applied to teen drivers is more expensive in comparison to adult drivers. How then will your kids purchase one for themselves?

It is hard not to blame the insurance providers for calculating policies in this manner. Most of the car accidents recorded have been associated with reckless teens on the road and as part of the safety measures, car insurance companies will charge them more. Fortunately, your kids have the option to have their policy included in yours. Do you think you should gamble on this?

You will have no other choice. If your child intends to drive your car, then it is best if you will give him the permission to share with your policy. The only thing you can do is to constantly remind him not to drive under the influence and always keep his eyes on the road. Consider it the last gift you can give him before he becomes fully independent. Inform your car insurance provider of his inclusion in the policy and fulfill all the requirements that have to be submitted to make it official.