Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is one of the major reasons behind these accidents. It is too unfortunate if you become one of the victims of someone else’s irresponsibility. However, if you do encounter one on the road, what should you do? How should you react?

Minor Accident: The Other Party Acknowledges Fault

If there is no police in the scene, it is only a minor scratch on your vehicle, the other party is acknowledging it is his fault; then has him sign a written consent form stating he claim responsibility. You are free to settle the matter with him without the need to involve car insurance companies. However, make sure you gather and authenticate all of his contact details in case he suffers from temporary amnesia and forgets all that you have discussed.

Minor and Major Accident: No One Acknowledges Fault

It would be great if the party responsible easily acknowledges his fault, but most of the time no one would claim responsibility. When this happens, you need to have witnesses who will prove the other party is the party responsible. Make a claim to your car insurance company and present the details of the incident together with the names of the witnesses and the evidences you have gathered. Allow them to investigate on the matter. It may take a few months before they take action, so compile all of the bills you paid because it will be helpful for future reimbursements with the auto insurance company.