Secure the following information, before you go to your car insurance company to submit a claim because this will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to resolve your auto insurance claim.

Complete Information of the Other Party

List down the address, the contact details, the date of birth, and the driver’s license of the other party. Care to inquire about their insurance information including the name of the insurance provider catering their needs and the contact number of the agent assigned to this policy.

Gather the Witness

To make an authentic claim, find a witness that can stand by your story. It will help your insurance company easily identify the true culprit behind the incident.

Police Information

If a police assisted you during the event, then take note of his name, his badge number, and the report number of the accident.

Vehicle Information

Do not leave the scene without listing down the make, model, license plate number, VIN number, and vehicle year of all the vehicles involved in the accident.

Location Information

Take a picture of the event. Write the place where it happened. Note down the area where the vehicle impacted, direction of travel, the lane you are driving in and the other car, and possible sign posts that may have posted a warning for drivers in this route.

Hand this over to your insurance provider for a speedier processing of your car insurance claims, but always keep a copy of the documents you submit to them for future references.