A simple guide in reading your policy

Ignorance of the law excuses no one and not reading your car insurance policy then complaining is a lame excuse. Before you encounter any disputes with your insurance provider, read through these important terms of your policy. If you are not aware how to properly read it, then consider these helpful notes to assist you.

The Power of “OR” over the “AND”

If you notice the terms “or” and “and” in your policy, associated with names of who are allowed to cash the check ; then remember that the term “OR” gives authority to the other recipient to cash the insurance settlement check even without your signature, but the term “AND” requires your signature before the check can be cashed.

The Vehicle and Policy Holder Information

See that the listed information on these sections of the policy accurately states your name and your vehicle description. If you notice any mistake in this information then you should return it back to the insurance agent for it to be changed before signing it.

The Coverage and Premium Page

Be extra vigilant in reading this page because it is the portion of the policy where most mistakes are found. Look where the “premium” is stated (commonly found in the coverage section). If you cannot see where it has been placed then seek the assistance of your car insurance agent because blank spaces may mean NO COVERAGE for you. Better secure that this is not the case, otherwise you will be wasting your time and money big time on this policy.

Do you really save money by using free online car insurance quotes?

Free online car insurance quotes have sprouted like mushroom in the cyber community, which makes some people think that it may only be part of a fraudulent activity. You are completely wrong! Free online car insurance quotes are your passes to find affordable deals. Many have tried it and they were completely satisfied. Do not be left behind. Start using it to your advantage.

How do I request for free online car insurance quote?

You do not need to be an expert. All that is required is a reliable internet connection, a computer, and a few minutes of your time to accomplish this task. Fill out a single form with your contact details, working status, address, and other basic driver information and you will receive the ideal policy offered by the best insurance providers. All of the estimate you are looking for will easily be flashed on your screen. If you wish to further explore the policy offered by a particular company, then feel free to click on it to check the listed policy agreement.

Buying your car insurance policy has become more convenient due to modern technology. Start embracing this positive change and save on your car policy today.

How to really find the cheapest car insruance

No one wants to pay a lot of money for car insurance, but in order to obey the law, making insurance payments is necessary for all of us driving. The trouble with car insurance is that it can be relatively expensive for someone to buy, but since everyone has to have it, it can be a big, expensive problem for some of us. Below are some great tips you can use to help you reduce the cost of your car insurance.

The Driver

The driver of the vehicle that has to be insured is the biggest factor in the cost of the car insurance. The premiums that are going to be charged are based on the driver’s age, gender and driving record. Males who are under the age of 25 who have had a couple accidents or traffic violations are going to have much more expensive insurance than a 25 year old female who has a good driving record with no accidents or traffic violations. You can’t change your gender, and you can’t change your age. What you can have control over is the amount of traffic violations and your driving record. Practicing safe habits on the road and being a defensive driver will keep your insurance premiums much lower. If you do have some incidents, work to have those dropped from your record by taking some driving courses.

The Vehicle

The vehicle that is being insured is a big factor in getting cheaper auto insurance. If you have to have a sports car with a loud and fast engine, count on your insurance rates being sky high. If you want to reduce that rate, go for a family sedan type car that is intended for economical purposes and not speed. An older model car that has four doors, four seats and automatic seat belts and door locks as well as air bags will save you tons of money on your car insurance premiums.

The Insurance Company

There are hundreds of car insurance companies out there to choose from. Lots of these will offer some discounts for people who have taken programs such as driver’s education, defensive driving and things like this. Some care insurance companies will give you comparison costs against other car insurance companies. If you search on line for the cheapest rate quotes, you will be able to find many to compare and see what would be the most advantageous and cheapest for you. A word of warning the cheapest policy is not always going to be the best policy. Make sure you get what you’re paying for and that you understand what’s covered and what is not.

Combination Policies

If you combine your car insurance policy with others you have such as homeowners, other vehicles in the household, life insurance policies and such, you can save a lot of money by receiving a multi-line discount. When you ask for quotes online, be sure to note what other kind of insurance policies you have.

By following some of these tips, you can find a good insurance company that will offer you a good, cheap rate that suits your insurance needs.

The best types of cars to purchase for cheaper premium rates

Undecided on which type of car you should give your child after he reaches the age of maturity? Why not choose these types of cars for him to gain a cheaper premium rate?

Dodge Grand Caravan

Your child will love you for buying him this car. He can get an average insurance premium using this car for approximately $690. It is not too stylish, but enough to transport him where he wishes to go.

Chevrolet Impala

Stylish and chic, this car will probably cause him to spend $959 on his premium but he will certainly enjoy driving it on the road. It is convenient, practical, and very pleasing style that even his friends will adore.

Honda Accord

Although more expensive, this two-door coupe with bring much delight to your daughter. It is the fusion of high technology and high quality vehicle without requiring you to spend too much on her car insurance policy.

Smart Fortwo

You may think twice in purchasing this car, but it is exceptionally loved by many drivers because of its fuel economy. It is perfect for those who regularly drive on the street and has an amazing low cost average insurance premium of only $881.

Kia Sportage

For only $840, this KIA vehicle is one of the cars with the lowest insurance premium rate. It has several set of safety features and excellent versatility, which is perfect for young drivers on the road.

We have listed your choices for auto insurance friendly vehicles. It is now time for you to decide which of these you will go ahead and purchase for your child.

Auto insurance tips for teen drivers

You can’t do anything about your age. You are considered a high-risk driver on the road since you belong to the age young professional’s teen bracket. Nevertheless, if you follow these tips then you may still find a few good discounts that will help lower your premium rate.

Purchase a Safe Car

Buy a not so expensive car equipped with security alarms. Most car insurance company give discounts for these types of car because it lessens the possibility of car theft, which is one of the common problems in the auto insurance industry. If you wish to learn more about the perfect vehicle to use then you may visit the website of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and be alert on the best car for you.

Study Hard and Maintain an Excellent Academic Record

Motivate your kids to maintain getting good grades, which is a minimum of B average in their high school and college years. If you present a minimum of 12 credits with these kinds of ratings then your car insurance company would deem you worthy to be given a few discounts off your premium rate.

Comprehensive and Collision Deductible of a Minimum of $1000

Do not be too scared to raise your deductible. The road is a scary place for young drivers, but as long as you remain alert while on the driver’s seat and never drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs, then you would probably be safe for the entire year. Car insurance are only necessary if you encounter road accidents. Be a responsible driver and you will not need their assistance for the entire year while you remain under the bracket of teen drivers.

How do I compare auto insurance policies?

Finding the right car insurance policy is difficult for many. There are many policies offered by car insurance agents, which confuses many drivers. Thus, the question how do I start comparing these policies?

Typical car insurance policies

The most typical car insurance policies that will be offered to you are the liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Among the three, this is the most basic available insurance you can find. Liability insurance covers your needs in case you encounter an accident. However, comprehensive and collision insurance is more preferred because it is not limited to accidents, but includes other incidents like theft and fire.

There is no doubt that collision and comprehensive insurance will charge more than liability insurance, but it will provide you more benefits when such cases arises. You should sit with these together with your family to discuss the most appropriate auto insurance policy that will be perfect for your needs.

It is better to use free online car insurance quotes to find the most affordable policies. You are sure to find these in a matter of minutes because the quote will be flashed on your screen after you submit the basic information requested from you.

What are the personal factors that affect my car insurance policy?

You should be cautious with your lifestyle if you wish to find cheap car insurance policy. Be vigilant when maintaining these records and you will be happy to learn how your auto insurance policy suddenly decreased.

Driving Profile

High risk drivers are always charged more than the average premium. You should not

Take this as a fraud because this is really how they calculate policy rates. Keep your records clean and you can easily ask for discounts to keep your policy low.

Type of Car

If you drive a luxury car then there is no reason why you would not pay big. The cost of repair, damage, or loss has to be evaluated so your policy will definitely skyrocket. Choose a not so expensive vehicle and your auto insurance rate will go down.

Personal Information

This is something that is hard to handle, except your occupation. Teenagers will be charged more because statistics show that they have higher auto accident risks while on the road.

Credit Score

Auto insurance companies rely much on your credit scores. If you were ignoring this in the past, then you should begin taking it seriously. Otherwise, you will have problems finding an affordable car insurance policy.

Coverage Choice

This is your preference. The more coverage you choose, the higher your policy will be. Choose wisely and you will be happier and contented with your auto insurance rate.

Three ways to get cheaper car insurance premiums

You do not intend to pay too much for your car insurance policy this year. You wish to know how you can legally keep your auto insurance policy according to the State requirement, yet keep it cheap. How do you make this a reality?

1. Deductible Magic

Increase your deductible and you are sure to have cheaper policy premiums. This is the amount of money you need to pay before the car insurance company enters the scene and provides you financial assistance. It is a gamble you may choose, but be prepared to face its consequences.

2. Maintain Credit Score Above 660

A good credit score is your passes for a cheaper policy. Prove to these companies that you have good financial management and you will earn their trust. You will be happy for keeping this credit score because it will be enough to gain a 15 to 20 percent discount off your policy.

3. Use Free Online Insurance Quotes

You may have not tried using free online auto insurance quotes, but if those who do have experienced an array of financial benefits from it. You will save yourself from unwanted third party cost often given to car insurance agents. Moreover, if you pay in cash then your insurance provider will be happier and give you an additional discount for paying complete in advance.

How to wisely choose your car insurance options

Car insurance policies are included in your list of basic requirements, especially if have the right to earn a driver license. You renew it annually and pay it in various modes of payment. It is charged to your expense, so why not find ways on how you can find the best car insurance deals today.

Read the Policy

Very few people find time to read the actual policy before closing a deal. This is not a good habit, especially if you wish to find the best. After placing your signature on the policy, there is very little chance to contest its contents. So unless you have prepared yourself to say “yes” to whatever options and terms given by your insurance provider when the need arises, never take for granted the importance of reading before signing.

Compare Auto Insurance Deals

There are many options offered to drivers. At times, you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home. Internet has made it possible for you to do the search online. Given this advantage, you should take time to explore the best deals for your needs. If your policy is soon to expire, then find more affordable polices with similar coverage through free online insurance quotes offered by car insurance providers. This will give you an edge in selecting and choosing only the best.

Skip the Commission

Buy directly from the company. Skip the additional cost that will be charged through your car insurance agent. Shop online and you will be happy with the quote these insurance companies will present to you.

The deadliest days to go on the road!

No one can really tell when an accident will happen on the road, but if you will base this on statistics then you should be cautious when driving down the road during these specific holidays.

Thanksgiving Season

Blame it to the festivities of the period, but Thanksgiving Season is one of the dates with the highest record of death rates due to a road accidents. If you drank considerable huge amount of alcohol then have the self-discipline to sleep-off its effect before you start holding the driver’s wheel for a travel.

Labor Day

It recorded a fatality of 403 deaths, 36 % of which are related to the influence of alcohol while driving. You may not be the one responsible for the automobile crash but realizing this three-day period is not the ideal time to stay long on the road, you may wish to stay at home rather than drive on the streets.

Memorial Day

The seniors may be having a great time that they forget the risk of driving with too much fun inside their head and belly. Try your best to warn them to be very careful when driving on the road. If possible, consider becoming their chauffeur for this period. They will appreciate it and it will ease your mind from road accident worries.

Protect your life and those on the road. Secure your car insurance policy rate. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.