Car Accident Claim Payouts: How is it determined?

No one would like to experience an automobile crash, but in case you do, how will the adjuster determine your car accident claim payout.

Accident Facts

Details of the crash have to be examined which includes the persons involved, the speed of the vehicles that caused the accident, the intervention of the police officer, and other relevant facts related to the event will be scrutinized.

Determining Liability

The claims adjuster determines the party responsible for the accident. Reconstruction experts may be called to assist if both parties fail to acknowledge the fault. Nevertheless, if the other party has been easily pointed out as the cause of the crash then it will involve minor investigations.

Extent of the Injuries

The insurance company will require a medical report from your physician, so your treatment and forms of medication can be summarized and analyzed. Most auto insurance companies will try their best to pay minimum amount; therefore, it is best to keep a record of all your medical expenses to easily justify your claim.

Other Expenses

If you or another party were injured during the crash, it is highly possible that the vehicle experience much damage as well. The bills covering payment for the restoration of the vehicle has to be covered by someone. Normally, it is accounted by the driver at-fault, but the amount has to be justified by providing a minimum of one repair estimate. Expect them to look at your vehicle even after submitting the estimate, but never take this personally because they are just doing their best to reduce their expenses.

Note: You are not obliged to readily agree with the terms provided by your car insurance provider. If you believe it is not the amount you deserve, and then feel free to discuss these matters with your attorney for possible court litigation.