Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself: A Friendly Guide for Auto Insurance Neophytes

The reason why you are purchasing auto insurance is to guarantee you will have financial aid when you encounter unwanted roadside accidents. You expect these companies to provide you the best assistance. You wish them to be prepared when you give them the distress call. You want them to be responsible enough to cater to your needs and not let you wait for days before they act upon your medical necessities.

Steps to Guarantee You will Never Suffer from Auto Insurance Abuse

Here are a few guidelines you may follow so you would never experience these unwanted auto insurance abuses.

  • Call the car insurance company, immediately after encountering an accident. Try to list details of the accident before calling them. In this manner, you can accurately report it to them. Request that they arrange a tow truck, a recommended preferred body shop where the vehicle should be taken, and a rental car for you to go home safely.
  • As precaution, you should have a list of the preferred body shops of your car insurance company. Make this visible inside your car of your pocket for others to see because you never know if you will be the victim of the accident. It is best if you can leave trails of information for by-standers and authorities to use to provide you proper assistance.
  • Never readily adhere to the offer of assistance of two truck drivers that immediately appear at the site of the accident. Most of these are classified as “chasers” and if you are not careful, then you may end up paying higher repair bills with them because they are not affiliated with your auto insurance provider.
  • Keep your records in place. File all of the medical treatments you went through. List down the names of the doctors whom you have consulted with. Indicate the date when this happened and the place where it took place. If you were given any medication and treatment, then you should make a summary of it. Attach the receipts on these summations so you can easily present this to the insurance company for reimbursement. Nevertheless, never give the original copy to them. Always keep it with you because it may be an important document you need to present in court in case they fail to adhere to their policies.
  • Never sign anything without reading it. Ignorance makes you pay double bills. Unfortunately, once you have affixed your signature in these documents; you are already providing them the license to perform services with your full authority and knowledge.

Be a vigilant driver. Drive safely on the road, but choose a friendly and reliable auto insurance company who will never leave you in times of crisis.


Protect Yourself: A Friendly Guide for Auto Insurance Neophytes