A simple guide in reading your policy

Ignorance of the law excuses no one and not reading your car insurance policy then complaining is a lame excuse. Before you encounter any disputes with your insurance provider, read through these important terms of your policy. If you are not aware how to properly read it, then consider these helpful notes to assist you.

The Power of “OR” over the “AND”

If you notice the terms “or” and “and” in your policy, associated with names of who are allowed to cash the check ; then remember that the term “OR” gives authority to the other recipient to cash the insurance settlement check even without your signature, but the term “AND” requires your signature before the check can be cashed.

The Vehicle and Policy Holder Information

See that the listed information on these sections of the policy accurately states your name and your vehicle description. If you notice any mistake in this information then you should return it back to the insurance agent for it to be changed before signing it.

The Coverage and Premium Page

Be extra vigilant in reading this page because it is the portion of the policy where most mistakes are found. Look where the “premium” is stated (commonly found in the coverage section). If you cannot see where it has been placed then seek the assistance of your car insurance agent because blank spaces may mean NO COVERAGE for you. Better secure that this is not the case, otherwise you will be wasting your time and money big time on this policy.