The Hartford Auto Insurance

The Hartford Auto Insurance has been providing quality and affordable car insurance for the past decades. The company has 200 years of experience in the insurance industry and extends its services to variety of property and home insurance packages, mutual funds, business insurance, life insurance, and college savings plans.

Some of the benefits you will receive from The Hartford Auto Insurance Package are as follow:

Recover Care

The Hartford understands you need to keep your life moving, even after experiencing injuries from a car accident. Therefore, it assists with your cooking, cleaning, transportation, shopping needs, and yard work assistance bills.

Lifetime Car Repair Guarantee

The Hartford has over 1,600 authorized au to repair shops providing you with a nationwide car repair guarantee for as long as you lease or own a particular vehicle.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Other auto insurance company will not bother assisting you with your roadside problems, but with The Hartford Auto Insurance, you are free to call them for rescue during emergency roadside problems like unlocking a door, adding gas to your tank, or fixing a flat tire.

New Car Replacement

So long as your car has been purchased within the first 15 months or it has only drove 15,000 miles from date of purchase and it suffered a total loss, The Hartford is willing to pay the replacement cost for you to have a brand new car with the same make, model and equipment without the fear of deduction for depreciation.

The Hartford is offering more auto insurance packages for your needs and preferences. Browse through their list of services and find the perfect car insurance package for you.

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